Saturday 2 February 2013

January Report Card


A slow start, with lots of missed miles, in part due to work and the inclement weather but also as a result of a broken bone (or two) in the Stewart household; young Sophia managed to dislocate, shatter and break her ankle.

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This month’s running buddies and routes:

Stuart Sibcy                                      

Gary Linacre (DAYTREKKER)       



Training Thoughts:

Whilst disappointed to have finished so far from my mileage goal, I am pleased with training progress in January. After a few months of low volume, low intensity training with minimal variety and a complete break over Xmas and New Year I have enjoyed adding some threshold, speed and hill sessions. By far the biggest revelation was a drills session with Sophia, running the next day it was so much easier to run with and hold on to form throughout my run and in particular on ascents, I will certainly be continuing with plyometrics as a core element of my plan.


Start of month 85.7 kilos (13st 7lbs)
End of month 84.2 kilos (13st 3lbs)
A disappointing element of training, a rather jolly and sedentary Xmas combined to push me to my heaviest weight in years; a disappointing loss of just 4lbs leaving me some way off my target weight for the start of February of 13st.


An increase in planned mileage to 204 miles across 24 runs, following broadly the same 6 day per week pattern, challenge will be to find the time to fit in a longer mid-week run.

February brings with it my first event of the year, The Belvoir Challenge:

A very charming trail marathon, all in aid of the local school, outstanding aid stations stuffed full with home-made cakes, finishing in the school hall where they serve soup and home-made crumble.

I can’t quite decide on my approach it would be nice to go and ‘lay down’ a time but am not sure I want to disrupt my training schedule so will probably settle on training through and treating it as a long run.

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